Day 8: Our First Day in Berlin (by Olivia H.)

Today started off with a very sad goodbye. A little bit of our hearts were left in Hanau as we got on the train to Berlin. Overall the train ride to Berlin was very smooth and we were treated to a nice German style lunch. Once we got to Berlin we made our way to the hotel. With a little bit of help from Google maps we eventually made it. We checked our bags into our room and headed out to our first adventure. We walked around an area of Berlin for a little bit and then we headed to the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) for lunch. At the Fernsehturm we headed all the way to the top and enjoyed a really, really cool and interesting lunch. Inside the tower where we sat we were slowly turning so we could get a view of the whole city. It was absolutely incredible. Then after that we made our way to a play. This play was about a German exchange student going to India and falling in love with his exchange partner. The play was in German so for some of us it was hard to understand but we made our best effort’s to comprehend what it was about. The play overall was very funny and interesting and made our day have a fun twist. Following the play we made our way to the East Side Gallery. This is basically the remanence of the Berlin wall in which has murals painted on it. The murals were very powerful and cool to look at and take pictures in front of. It was a very nice end to our day.

(Written by Olivia H.)

East Side Gallery, Berlin

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