Olivia’s Weekend

Ever since our plane landed in Germany my excitement for this trip has only gone up. Thanks to my partner, Melina, and her family, I have been exposed to so much German culture it is overwhelmingly incredible. To begin my weekend, I woke up and enjoyed a feast of a breakfast. It included toast, rolls, croissants, what seemed like 20 other types of bread, and eggs. Throughout this breakfast i realized that Germans eat A LOT of bread. Every meal has bread. Which i’m not complaining about. Also, I’d like to talk about the eggs. Previously in a class back home Herr Niehues showed the class a picture of a soft boiled egg and I thought it look gross. But then i found myself eating one for breakfast and enjoying it! Later that day we all drove to Frankfurt and we went to the Hessen Center and then into the main part of Frankfurt which is like NYC. While there we did some shopping and ate some classic German Eis. We also went to the top of a clock tower and got to see a view of the whole city. We ended up getting tired so we left and headed home. We then had dinner which reminded me of a classic American outdoor dinner. If was nice to eat something that reminded me of home. Then we left to go to a fest in Bruchköbel and we stayed there for about three hours and walked around and met up with one of Melina’s friends, Sarah. We then left the fest because it got boring and went to bed. Then, on Sunday morning we woke up pretty late and enjoyed a classic German breakfast. It is served with a sweet mustard. At first I was a little hesitant to trying it, but i’m glad i did because it was really good! Then we went to this historic castle and got to see another really beautiful view of the countryside part of Germany. Then we came home and had a late lunch and then came to watch the big soccer game!!! So far my stay has been absolutely amazing and I’m hoping that in the future I can come and visit Melina and her family again.

(Written by Olivia H.)

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