Niles’ Weekend

I had a pretty fun weekend here in Germany. It’s crazy how similar and different America and Germany are. On Saturday, my buddy Valentin and I went to Frankfurt. We got there by train and did a lot of shopping. There were a lot of designer stores like Gucci and Prada but also stores like H&M. I also met Valentin’s friend from Spain, Hakim. He was pretty cool. We also went in the Main Tower where we could see all of Frankfurt and the surrounding towns and fields. It was beautiful. There was also a festival for respecting other people and accepting different cultures. It was nice to see how everyone wanted to support one another. I also got to try out some German candy and chocolate.

On Sunday, I visited one of Germany’s castles. It was made before North and South America were even discovered . There were some paintings on the walls and a really deep well. So deep that when you dropped water into it, it took around 8 seconds until you heard a splash. The architecture, the breathtaking view of the rich green fields, the kind people, and my amazing host family made it a great experience. At the end I bought a cool little knight statuette to take home. Then to finish off a great weekend, I got to see a World Cup match in a Biergarten with my exchange student friends. Even though Germany lost to Mexico it was an exciting match. This trip has been a lot of fun so far and I can’t wait to go to Frankfurt tomorrow with my class. Tchüss.

(Written by Niles L.)

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